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Students' employability is influenced not only by their understanding of the sector, but also by their aptitude for navigating the workplace. The placement cell routinely hosts training and workshops designed to give students practical life skills and professional skills. These empower individuals to handle difficult professional and interpersonal circumstances with confidence and comfort. The Placement Cell offers pre-placement soft skills training to students in order to improve their ability to land a job during campus recruitment events as well as when attending interviews on their own. Pre-placement training sessions (PPTs), industry-ready course curricula, guest lectures, active internships, and industrial visits are all used to prepare students for their final placement in the workplace. Students are invited to discuss their concerns and issues with the instructors throughout the interactive, entertaining sessions. Additionally, mock interviews and group discussions are held to acquaint students with the various procedures involved in each. Experts in the field provide input to students, helping them to better prepare for the placement interviews.

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    Soft Skills

    Our Soft skills training teaches you how to achieve and maintain a positive and professional attitude. You may learn how to build relationships with coworkers and customers, which promotes cooperation and communication within the workplace and trust among colleagues, clients and customers. Our training helps you develop or improve interpersonal skills. It consists of lessons to improve communication, increase active listening, resolve conflicts, and more.

    Verbal Ability

    With our thorough Verbal Ability Pre-Placement Training course, you may improve your verbal communication abilities and increase your chances of getting your desired job. Our curriculum will help you improve your language skills, vocabulary, grammar, and verbal reasoning while giving you the tools you need to shine in group discussions, interviews, and written exams. Our skilled instructors will direct you toward excellent verbal communication, persuasive speaking, and critical thinking through interactive sessions, hands-on activities, and individualized feedback. Increase your confidence and proficiency to impress employers and distinguish yourself from the competition. Start your journey to professional success by enrolling in our Verbal Ability Pre-Placement Training course right away.


    Our Pre-placement training provide you to master the craft of logical thinking and ace your upcoming job interviews. To develop your critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, our knowledgeable educators will lead you through a variety of reasoning concepts and techniques. You will develop the efficiency and confidence necessary to answer complicated reasoning issues through practical application and real-world case studies. Improve your logical reasoning and analytical thinking, and wow future employers with your keen mind. Participate in our Reasoning Pre-Placement Training course to set yourself up for a lucrative career.


    Prepare yourself for the quantitative challenges of job interviews and assessments with our comprehensive Aptitude Pre-Placement Training course. Our experienced trainers will equip you with the essential mathematical and numerical skills necessary to excel in quantitative aptitude tests. From basic arithmetic to advanced concepts like data interpretation and problem-solving, our program covers a wide range of aptitude topics. With interactive sessions, practice exercises, and personalized guidance, you'll gain the confidence and competence to solve complex quantitative problems with ease. Stand out from the competition and showcase your quantitative prowess with our Aptitude Pre-Placement Training course.